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Here are a few of my own creations. The few that defy categories and sections....

Anna Gumilyov -Ex KGB Agent
Sideshow Buck, Dragon gear, sculpted scars

First Custom Female figure...Anna Gumilyov, daughter or Maxim Gumilyov... was training to be KGB, a Vympel operative under General Drozdov. While, it was her Father's recommendation that got her foot in the door, it was her ruthlessness in battle and the ease in which she could infiltrate even the most secure locations that gave her the respect she needed to move up quickly in the ranks.

But when the Berlin wall fell, she watched the country change... her usefulness coming to an end. And as those chunks of concrete shattered, so did her faith in Mother Russia.

After a few years of training and soul searching she began work as a mercenary, doing what she knew best....killing. It started as a way to put food on the table, but slowly.... she started to become cold, vowing to take matters in her own hands and attempt to take Russia for herself, a country changed by her razor sharp will.

She is currently at large and all attempts by the UN to apprehend her have proven futile......