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What paints do you use?

What brushes are best?

How do you stain clothing?

"Worst tips page....EVER."

I get asked questions a lot, so I thought I would add this page in response to those questions....

First of all, I use a variety of paints. But the best by far has been Model Masters Acrylic paints. They give my figures a nice smooth coat without looking chalky or rough. I also use Apple Barrel for Dirt and grime as it is usually much grittier.

Brushes, I actually don't have a preference. Just cannot be cheap brushes, plastic bristles and the like. As long as they are bought at an art store and the shape I need. they are golden.

For grime and sweat covered clothing, I have a formula. For dirt, mix up some brownish black and pour a healthy amount of water into the mix. You want the mix to look like dark tea. You can either soak the clothes in this or brush it on. While the clothing is wet you can brush on slightly thicker mixes in whatever areas that need heavier stains. Same goes with Sweat, but you go with lighter paint mixture and more heavily watered down.