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Sept 12, 2011

HUGE news!  The new H2 mask, the Inhuman, is now available through our store.  We are introducing the mask at $150 until this Halloween, so take advantage of the discount and get your orders in!  It is cast in stretchy premium latex and haired with mohair, and has been called "the successor to the CGP Warlock" by Chris Morgan at WMP.  High praise indeed!  Get one now, while the wait is short!!

Aug. 22nd 2011
This week has been a great one for Samhain Horror Studios.  We've completed our first prop, the double sided axe, and have added it to our site store! 
We have also begun work on our first mask creation (still to be named).  This is my first sculpt at this scale, so stay tuned to more progress shots on this site and eventually the naming and unveiling of the completed mask!  We are aiming for a Halloween 2011 release!

August 6th, 2011
Samhain Horror Studios site is up and running!  My starter supplies are on their way and I will soon start work on my first mask creations.  I'm brainstorming a few ideas, primarily one regarding the classic Jack O Lantern design.  As soon as I have some prelimary sketches I will post them!